In May 2014, ‘You Disappear’ will be published in France as ‘Lésions dangereuses’

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In May 2014, ‘You Disappear’ will be published in Germany as ‘Du verschwindest’

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CJ was interviewed on “The Leonard Lopate Show”

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You Disappear reviewed in Wall Street Journal


Wall Street Journal writes:

“The frailties of the brain are the crux of Danish writer Christian Jungersen’s punchy and provocative novel … the difference of this tensely executed thriller is that its unreliability seems less like a literary device than a hard, biological fact.”

You Disappear “is a MUST READ for any book club worth its salt”

Language of Mankind

You Disappear has been reviewed by ‘Language of Mankind’ – a website dedicated to finding the best book club reading material.

Language of Mankind writes:
“An amazing read that will bring any book club to its knees. Not only is it brilliantly written, it is the sort of book you read and can hold a discussion on for months on end.
Really, what would you do if a loved one got a tumor and everything you thought you knew about them had changed? From their smell to their likes and disliked to becoming violent when violence was the last thing on their mind. I found myself both feeling sorry for and hating Frederik at different points of the book. As for Mia, I will let you decide how to feel about her and how she dealt with the stress.
This is a MUST READ for any book club worth its salt. It’s also a MUST READ for any reader looking for the perfect book.”

You Disappear reviewed in Library Journal

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Library Journal writes:
This fast-paced, well-researched literary suspense novel keeps mature adult readers of Scandinavian fiction hooked until the final page. Hoekstra’s translation is superb.”

You Disappear receives starred review in Kirkus Reviews


An intelligent, at times even intellectual, novel about philosophical issues of identity and moral responsibility.

Mia Halling is at her wits’ end with her husband, Frederik, for he’s recently been showing highly irrational and unpredictable behavior, such as being exceptionally quick to anger and calling her vile names. Frederik is the headmaster at Saxtorph, a prestigious school in Denmark, and seems to have much going for him, including a loving wife and a 16-year-old son. But during a holiday in Majorca, Frederik falls from a wall, and during a brain scan, it’s discovered he has a meningioma exerting pressure on his brain. Perhaps this is to blame for his increasingly erratic behavior? Perhaps, though his behavior has by now started to verge into criminal activity; it turns out he’s been embezzling money from the school and playing commodities markets with sanguine expectations of extraordinarily high rates of return. Jungersen has done impressive research on brain science and makes it clear that the symptoms Frederik experiences—including lack of empathy for others, childish behavior, emotional cruelty, sexual outspokenness and (supreme irony) unawareness that he’s even ill—threaten to tear apart the delicate fabric of his family life. At a support group for families with loved ones who have experienced brain injuries, Mia meets Bernard, a lawyer whose wife was injured in a car accident. Mia needs Bernard both sexually and in his legal capacity, for she wants to hire him to represent Frederik in a lawsuit being brought against him by Laust Saxtorph, the now-bankrupted director of Frederik’s school. When Mia and Bernard begin their affair, Mia starts to experience some of the secretiveness and indiscretion that used to characterize her life with Frederik, and even Bernard has some secrets of his own.

Jungersen writes brilliantly and raises knotty questions of identity—who, after all, is the “real” Frederik?—and of moral accountability, no matter who we are and what we’ve experienced.”

On November 6th – 10th, 2013, CJ will attend the Singapore Writers Festival in Singapore


The Singapore Writers Festival is one of the few literary festivals in the world that is multi-lingual, celebrating works in Singapore’s official languages – English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. CJ’s schedule there will be announced later.

On November 1st – 5th, 2013, CJ will attend the Hong Kong International Literary Festival in Hong Kong

Time has described Hong Kong International Literary Festival as one of Asia’s finest experiences. Previous participants include Booker Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, a Nobel laureate – and other great authors too numerous to mention.

The schedule will be announced later.

14-minute interview with CJ on Norwegian national television

CJ was interviewed for the book show Bokprogrammet by Siss Vik. She asks questions in Norwegian, and he answers in Danish. Click photo to see the interview.

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