You Disappear “is a MUST READ for any book club worth its salt”

Language of Mankind

You Disappear has been reviewed by ‘Language of Mankind’ – a website dedicated to finding the best book club reading material.

Language of Mankind writes:
“An amazing read that will bring any book club to its knees. Not only is it brilliantly written, it is the sort of book you read and can hold a discussion on for months on end.
Really, what would you do if a loved one got a tumor and everything you thought you knew about them had changed? From their smell to their likes and disliked to becoming violent when violence was the last thing on their mind. I found myself both feeling sorry for and hating Frederik at different points of the book. As for Mia, I will let you decide how to feel about her and how she dealt with the stress.
This is a MUST READ for any book club worth its salt. It’s also a MUST READ for any reader looking for the perfect book.”


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